It’s Your 2013 Exit Interview: No. 27 Danica Patrick

Nick Bromberg
November 26, 2013

Welcome to From the Marbles' 2013 driver reviews. Here, we're going to critique, praise and bloviate about the top 30 drivers in the 2013 NASCAR season. Here's the one our commenters have been looking for.

Hi Danica, thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to meet with us today. By now you've probably had a lot of time to reflect on how much a good first impression can garner a lot of attention.

And sometimes all that attention sets a pretty high standard, whether you intended it to or not. That tends to happen when you're popular. You know what else tends to happen when you're popular? A lot of criticism.

You handle it well, especially because that first impression was the highlight of your season. We expected that there would be struggles, and there were, and we're intrigued that two of your highest finishes after that first impression were on one of the toughest tracks. That's not something we would have put on your list of 2013 goals.

We also would like to point out once again that we have no rules against romance in the workplace and we're very happy for you and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. as long as it doesn't affect your performance. You seemed to handle your work conflict rather quickly at home and you didn't let the second incident fester either.

There were a few workplace conflicts outside of the ones with Stenhouse, and that's to be expected too. However, it seemed that you confined them to the same people. We hope that this doesn't become an issue next year.

We noticed on your self-evaluation that you're content with your season. We would tend to agree, however we would like to point out that you're going to need to see some improvement unless you want the heat from that attention to ratchet up. A few top 10s at tracks that don't use restrictor plates would be a start and three of your co-workers who wound up ahead of you are either leaving the company or scaling back their hours. There's an opportunity there, we strongly advise you to seize it.

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