Don’t do this: Lamborghini hits 206 mph on public highway

Jay Busbee
November 29, 2011

Look, we're all fans of speed here, aren't we? And while we all pull for different drivers, can we all agree that the following video, in which a Lamborghini LP640 hits 206 mph on a public highway, is the height of dumbassery?

The video was uploaded by the imaginatively-named "speedracer38" and depicts a section of the Bullrun rally in Mexico where the driver opened it up on a straight public highway. And yes, while that's a reasonable upper-limit speed at a NASCAR track, not many tracks have someone coming at you from the opposite direction while you do it.

It's rare that YouTube commenters get within three states of anything approaching common sense, but this time around, they do. "Save it for the track," one writes. "You have money, there's no excuse for doing that on a public road." Yep.

[Via Jalopnik]