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Create-a-caption: Fast Five meets Fairly Fast Eighty-Eight

From The Marbles

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So for some reason, Tyrese Gibson and Jordana Brewster of the movie "Fast Five" (should be called "Fast Forgotten Five," am I right? Hello? Hello...?) were at Chicagoland this weekend. They got an up-close moment with one Dale Earnhardt Jr.

After the jump, the infamous Kurt-Busch-as-Kevin-Harvick photo:


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Create-a-caption: Brotherly love in the pits


Combination of poor photo labeling and brain-dead editor led to a fairly weak week. Here's the best:

Jay: So you're driving the 22 car--
KuBusch: I am not. I am not doing that.
Jay: But you're in the 22 pitstall.
KuBusch: [reaches out of car, rips the sign for the 22 pitstall in half]

Sychronized Pit Crewing will be part of the Summer Olympics next year in London, but some teams better practice some more.

Andrew S.C.:
Kyle Busch: "Hurry up, guys, first one off pit road gets to sit at the 'big table' at Christmas!"

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