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Chrome Horn Post-Fontana Debrief: There's no need to exaggerate a great race

It's some mid-week Chrome Horn action for you.

Join Geoffrey Miller and yours truly as we discuss everything and anything Fontana, including the tire issues, NASCAR officials getting their uniforms caught in the fence, and how the race was a very good one even without the final restart.

And speaking of that final restart, I'll dive in to why there's absolutely no need to exaggerate the moments that happened on Sunday and turn them into something greater than they were.

In a brief span Monday afternoon, two prominent NASCAR media members described the moments after the green flag waved for the final restart as "seven-wide." While cars may have been using seven different lanes, they most certainly were not "seven-wide."

It's like the NASCAR version of the fish story with an event that happened hours, not years, ago. And it shouldn't be necessary to trumpet what was a thrilling race. Sometimes things need no exaggeration.

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