Casey Mears says Marcos Ambrose's punch 'got me pretty good'

Nick Bromberg
Casey Mears says Marcos Ambrose's punch 'got me pretty good'

Casey Mears participated in Jimmie Johnson's charity 5K race Sunday morning and admitted that yes, Marcos Ambrose did land the punch he threw towards Mears Saturday night.

Mears said his left-eye area, the place where Ambrose connected, was fine and had a sense of humor about the incident.

It's OK, he got me good though," Mears said. "He did. That's one thing I can say, is that out of all the NASCAR fights or punches or when you see people swing, usually it's a lot of fly swatting. He actually connected, so that was pretty good."

Ambrose was 18th while Mears was 19th. Mears also didn't rule out retaliation in the future, though we're not sure what the on-track protocol for punch revenge is.

"I don't think it something you just forget," Mears said. "Obviously, that's kind of where it sits."

NASCAR is investigatiing the incident and penalties, if there are any, will likely be announced on Tuesday.

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