Today is National Draft Day:

Jay Busbee

C-a-c: Exactly how many Carl Edwardses are there, anyway?

Jay Busbee
From The Marbles

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It's the Flying Cousins! Check out this time-lapse photography of Carl Edwards doing his traditional victory backflup. But the boring technical explanation of how this was done is no fun; let's hear your captioning ideas. Have at it!

After the jump, Michael Waltrip done got caught.

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Brice brings us one that's not a joke 'cause it's true:
Look at all this blank space here, you think we could find someone to sponsor my palm?

As the hair and fangs sprout and facial contortions begin, Michael pleads with DW to lock him inside because of his uncontrollable desire to howl at the moon, raid chicken houses and wreck others on the track.

See, I'm like this and ready make a move when all of sudden...wait, I need 12 more hands to make it look real.

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