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The Big One shows up a week early, collecting big names

Don't know about you, but I'm looking as forward to this coming weekend's Talladega race as any non-Daytona race in quite awhile. the combination of "have at it" looser rules and a new spoiler could make for some serious razor's-edge insane racing. But Monday, we got a taste of what the weekend could well be like, with an all-star-collecting, fantasy-team-destroying wreck that happened late in Monday's Texas race:

Jeff Gordon seethed over the wreck, and justifiably so -- he should have won Monday's race. Tony Stewart apologized, but he probably didn't need to; this was a classic case of wrong-place, wrong-time -- or, as the racing old-timers say, "Just one of them racing deals."

Still, if you like your wrecks big, this was a good appetizer to Talladega's five-course feast.

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