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  • Kevin Harvick honored at the White House

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles25 mins ago

    Kevin Harvick's pilgrimage to the White House happened Tuesday.

    The 2014 Sprint Cup Series champion was honored by President Barack Obama for his title.

    "It’s great to have Kevin’s crew chief, Rodney Childers, who is here," Obama said. "We’ve also got Greg Zipadelli –- almost messed it up there; it’s like Obama, too many vowels. And the team from Stewart-Haas Racing.  NASCAR’s leadership is here as well. Brian France is here and Mike Helton. Welcome back. 

    "And even though the Budweiser Chevy got the White House parking pass this year, I am sure Tony Stewart doesn’t mind adding another Owner’s Championship to his collection. So congratulations to Tony."

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  • Charlotte to serve 6.5-lb burritos, 6-lb burgers at All-Star Race (Updated)

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles9 hrs ago

    The track that gave us the Funnel Bacakonator is back with some more crazy concessions.

    Charlotte Motor Speedway announced Friday that it will serve a 6.5-pound burrito and a six-pound burger during the All-Star Race weekend on May 15-16.

    Yes, those measurements are in pounds and not ounces. If you're looking for something less hefty, you can always go with the candied bacon on a stick the track introduced with the burrito and the burger.

    First, the details on the burrito.

    The "Crank Shaft Burrito," which will cost $25, has four tortillas, 1.5 pounds of beans, 1.5 pounds of cole slaw and 3 pounds of pulled pork. It also has a half-pound of cheese sauce plus a quarter-pound of jalapenos and "more" baked beans, slaw and pork. If you're scoring at home, you'll notice that the ingredients add up to more than 6.5 pounds, so depending on the amount of "more," you could score a seven-pound burrito.

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