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  • A trip to Eldora is something you won't immediately forget

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles4 days ago

    Rossburg, OHIO – Eldora Speedway stays with you.

    It's visible on your clothing, which looks a lot different and dirtier when you see it in a well-lit area. It's visible in the sink and shower when you look down and see the streaks of dust that have turned into mud when combined with water.

    Oh, and you'll always remember the experience too.

    Wednesday night's Camping World Truck race won by Christopher Bell was our first trip to the speedway. And if you're a NASCAR fan wanting to make a tour of tracks, you have to put Eldora on the list.

    If you're used to frequenting tracks with local racing and lower regional or national series, the Eldora experience may not stand out extraordinarily. But when judged against the context of NASCAR races, it's certainly unique.

    While Martinsville is quaint and a different experience from an intermediate track, it's still clear the entire time you're in attendance that you're at a Sprint Cup race. At Eldora, if it wasn't for the trailers behind the turn three and four grandstands with the NASCAR logo or the haulers in the infield, you wouldn't have much indication.

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