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  • The Top 10 moments of Jeff Gordon's career (so far)

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles2 days ago

    When Jeff Gordon announced he'll drive one more full-time season on Thursday, we immediately started thinking.

    Yes, that's dangerous. But we wondered what the top 10 moments of Gordon's career were. And damn, it was tough. There are so many things to choose from. That's what happens when you have 92 wins and countless other memorable moments.

    Here's our best shot.

    10. Gordon's first Sprint Cup Series race: Did anyone realize at the time just how big the symbolism of Gordon's first race would be? Gordon made his Cup Series debut in 1992 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It was the final race of seven-time champion Richard Petty's career. Both had inauspicious races. Petty only completed 95 laps while Gordon crashed out. But as the book of Petty's driving career closed, another novel-sized book about Gordon's was being opened.

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