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Say, has anybody else noticed that Joey Logano's doing well?

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Lost in all the oh my gawd Jimmie Johnson's winning again I'm gonna quit NASCAR for real this time nonsense and the pothole/false caution light silliness of the first three weeks of the season is the fact that Joey Logano -- he of the incessant is-he-shaving-yet jokes and godawful nickname -- is running in 8th place in the Chase standings.*

Logano ended in 6th place, just barely losing out to Matt Kenseth on his second straight top-5 berth. And while his lone win, last year at New Hampshire, came about because of a rain-shortened race, there's been no luck involved in his strong performances this year.

"Last year, at this time I was ready to kill myself and this year I'm definitely having a blast, and that all comes with running good," Logano said. (Oh no! A teenager talking about killing himself! Not funny, Joey!) "It makes it a lot more fun when you come to a race track instead of dreading going to the next race because 'I don't know if we're going to be good here?' Now I'm pumped up and looking forward to getting back to the race track, so it's fun."

We've had so much fun with Logano around here that it's easy to forget the guy's only run 42 races to date. And he's been so hyped for so long that it's almost surprising to see him live up to the hype. But so far, so good. Ten percent of the way through the season, and about 2 percent of the way through his career, and all's going very well indeed.

*-Man, that was a long and tortured sentence. But you get the point.

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