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  • Are canopies the answer in the IndyCar Series?

    Nick Bromberg at From The Marbles10 days ago

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    The open cockpit design is one of the signatures of open-wheel racing. When you think of an open-wheel car, you likely think of a driver with his head sticking out of the car navigating the tricky turns of Monaco or the high-speed, 90-degree corners of Indianapolis.

    Tradition is admittedly a tough thing to let go of. But after IndyCar Series driver Justin Wilson's death from a head injury sustained at Pocono on Sunday afternoon, it's time to have a serious conversation about the open-cockpit tradition and consider if canopies – or at the very least, enhanced protection – are necessary to keep drivers as safe as possible.

    Wilson died Monday because his head was exposed. When Sage Karam crashed, his car shattered into a bunch of pieces. One of those pieces appeared to be his car's nose cone. That piece of debris found Wilson and hit his helmet. It shot high into the air. Wilson's car veered to the right and slammed into the inside wall on Pocono's Long Pond Straightaway.

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