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WWFD: Griffin packs on the pounds and plays Dear Abby in Sin City

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Forrest Griffin is working his way back from surgery. As we saw Wednesday night on Season 11 of "The Ultimate Fighter," Forrest has bulked up a bit. It may have made him a little more cranky. He hooked up with Las Vegas Weekly for cool feature called "What Would Forrest Do." After reading it, I think it's best if we all avoid annoying Mr. Griffin.

The piece featured several questions including:

WWFD if a cell-blabbing driver cuts you off?

Bad move. Chatty Cathy had better be on the line with 1-800-HELPMEOHGODHELPME, because he’s about to become a crash-test dumbass. After a quick appetizer of his skull, you make him eat his words. Wait, he was talking to his girlfriend? Great: “Hey, girl! When you’re ready to trade up from wuss to incredibly manly fighter, call me. On this phone.”

WWFD if a dude tries to jack your bottle in a nightclub?

Hold on! You paid a lot of money for that $30 hooch, and now D. Ouche Bagg here is making a grab for it. First, of course, you register annoyance at having to deal with this instead of grooving to the DJ. Then you reclaim your booze with a quick alpha-male move, and finish with a little bottle service of your own.

They left out — WWFD when if has to face the winner of the Chuck Liddell-Rich Franklin fight? That's the cherry on top of the UFC 115 matchup. Griffin against either one of those guys is a super-action fight.

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