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Steve Cofield

WEC has begun ... Palaszewksi, Swanson and Roller early winners

Steve Cofield

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Just when you think you have it figured it out in the cage, beware! Alex Karalexis thought he had figured out the gameplan of Bart Palaszewski. He was wrong. Karalexis guessed low on a Palaszewski kick and the native of Warsaw, Poland went high. The right kick clipped Karalexis behind the left ear and down he went. Karalexis got up but was wobbled by a right at the 4:15 mark of the second round and then a left 24 seconds later put him on his back again. That's when referee Kim Winslow rushed in to the stop the fight 1:11 of the second.

"He was trying to answer the kicks. He looked down and I went up," said Palaszewki, who picks up his 30th career win in his WEC debut. "It was a basic kick and I just jumped on him. I don't care who you are those kicks add up."

Karalexis won the first round with the more effective striking. He consistently beat Palaszewski to the punch. He also guessed correctly on several low kicks catching Palaszewski's leg.

Karalexis was angry about the stoppage claiming he was fine. Initially it did look like a quick stoppage but then it obvious that Winslow made the right call when Karalexis tried to take a few steps and stumbled to the side. That didn't stop some moron cage-side from screaming, "no more female refs!"

It was a strong debut for Palaszewski (30-11), another IFL import. He was 8-4 in IFL action including two losses to Chris Horodecki and a win over Ryan Schultz.

Shane Roller started off the evening with a win over Mike Budnik. Roller scored a quick takedown and almost immediately got to mount seconds into the fight. Roller took Budnik's back and cinched in the choke for a win at 1:01 of the opening round.

Cub Swanson (pictured) waged a battle against Hiroyuki Takaya. He won most of the exchanges and the war blowing up Takaya's face over three rounds. Swanson scored several takedowns in the third round to lock up the win 29-28 on one card and 30-27 on the other two.

NOTE: We're cageside with updates throughout the evening. The television portion of the card starts at 8 p.m. ET.

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