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War Machine interview: On getting handled by Belfort, Vegas chicks and being a free agent

If you don't know the story of Jon Koppenhaver, you're clearly not an avid reader of the MMA blogosphere. Let's cut to the chase, he's nuts. From legally changing his to "War Machine" to threatening the President via MySpace to pissing off the UFC speaking out on the death of Evan Tanner, Koppenhaver is one of a kind.

That said, he is a legit prospect when it comes to the 170 pound division. He's trying to work his way back into the good graces of one of the big organizations like Strikeforce, Affliction or the UFC. He's 3-0 since being released by the UFC after his loss to Yoshiyuki Yoshida. Aside from a little run-in at Krave nightclub, he's controlled himself in Las Vegas and is working hard at Xtreme Couture. His patience was put to the test earlier this week when he was asked to work with high level pros Martin Kampmann and Vitor Belfort. Koppenhaver got in with Belfort, who probably outweighs him by 25 pounds, at the very end of practice and was manhandled a bit:

"It's crazy I used to watch Vitor when I was a little kid, like that was god to me," Koppenhaver told Cagewriter. "To be honest with you, it's kind of intimidating. He's a freak. I think the old Vitor is back in effect."

Koppenhaver said Belfort's combination of knowledge and technique along with off-the-charts athleticism is impressive:

"He's a black belt, he has great boxing. He's knows everything plus the explosiveness, so when he explodes into those same moves as someone else who doesn't have speed, he gets results."

Koppenhaver says if Belfort ever gets a fight with Anderson Silva, he has a great chance if he gets him on the ground. Now Koppenhaver is having to play role of a mercenary. He was supposed to fight on June 20, but the card got canceled, so now he's taking a fight on less than two weeks notice in Mexico City on July 11.

War Machine also updated Cagewriter on how his efforts to "terrorize" chicks in Las Vegas is going. He gave some interesting advice on what helps him attract women (4:22 mark).

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