Want to see Silva-Sonnen II immediately? Silva's manager is iffy

For some reason in mixed martial arts, immediate rematches are usually frowned upon. The younger demographic likes new blood in the cage, especially when it comes to title fights. So when will we see Chael Sonnen get another shot at Anderson Silva? Sonnen was leading 4-0 (40-35, 40-34, 40-36) and on his way to winning the fifth round when he got caught in a triangle choke.

The prefight hype was amongst the best in UFC history and the fight was dynamite. Sonnen's willingness to put himself on the line with what seemed like outrageous guarantees, will likely pay dividends in the form of pay-per-view buys that could be in excess of 750,000.

The second fight will be even bigger. So can the UFC afford to slip in another contender before Sonnen and Silva meet? And isn't it incredibly risky to make Sonnen fight someone else in the interim?

Yahoo! Sports' MMA expert Kevin Iole thinks there's only one choice for the UFC and we could be waiting a while before we see the rematch.

Update: Silva's manager Ed Soares sounds like he's already lining up against giving Sonnen an immediate shot. Soares told FightHype:

"I mean, I don’t necessarily think an immediate rematch is legitimate. It’s not like he won by decision. You got submitted man. You were on top of him for 23 minutes of the fight and couldn’t finish him. Anderson got a few bumps and bruises, but let’s be realistic, you’re on a guy 23 minutes and you couldn’t finish him? Why should he get a rematch?"

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