Villain or no villain? Greg Jackson says Jon Jones has little control of what the fans think

Steve Cofield
December 21, 2011

Greg Jackson tried to teach Jon Jones a lesson at UFC 140 following his win over Lyoto Machida. He told Jones to tend to the fallen Machida and "go get some fans." Clearly, Jackson misspoke and the intended lesson was lost on most.

"You get to this post adrenaline dump after the fight. Jon did that too," Jackson said of Jones' decision to stoically walk away from the sleeping Machida. "As a coach, I wanted to bring him out of that and make sure that he followed ring decorum. I think it's really important to be a role model for the fans."

Jones' ultimate image is still unknown. A very good guy away from the cage, Jones heard more than a few boos in Toronto. Jackson told ESPN1100/98.9 FM that he doesn't know why Jones was getting it from the boo birds.

"It's for the fans' entertainment. If they want to boo him ... it's like WWE. Then they're going to love him again ... then they're going to hate him again. As long as everybody's having a good time. It is what it is," said Jackson. "For me, I just want him to stay positive, make sure that he can the best role model he can be and then the fans will decide what they want to decide."

Here's the rest of the Jackson conversation. The MMA trainer also spoke about his role in shaping the movie "Warrior." Cagewriter is currently running a "Warrior" DVD giveaway on its Facebook page. The contest ends tomorrow.