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'The Ultimate Fighter' recap: Sims finally brings the crazy


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It's Wednesday night, so it's time for "The Ultimate Fighter." Time to tune in and see if the producers are able to involve Kimbo Slice with absolutely every scene on the show.

Starting off, Rashad Evans is flying high because his team is 4-0, but that happiness won't last long as Matt Mitrione hurts his shoulder. "Meathead" considers a cortizone shot, but Evans points out the many reasons why it's a bad idea.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson complains about his team's losing record and says that the constant losing is messing with his sex life. I'm not sure how that works. He thinks that our own Zak Jensen is going to be picked next to fight. Rampage says that Zak has wrestling, size and ... wrestling and size.

Oh, goodness. Wes Sims claims that he stepped on some of Jensen's ... um ... baby batter when he took a shower. Jensen denies that he did it. That's all we're going to say about that. Except, the door is opened for all the guys to pick on Jensen. Brendan Schaub goes as far as to say that Jensen doesn't belong there. That's not nice.

Is Mitrione really hurt?

Mitrione's shoulder is still hurting, but he really wants to fight. Evans isn't buying it that Mitrione is ready, mentally or physically. Asst. coach Trevor Wittman's plan is to just work Mitrione as hard as he can.

At Team Rampage's practice, Jensen and Sims are rolling when Jensen suddenly passes out. He is apparently OK, as the show comes back from commercial focusing on Mitrione and the veracity of his shoulder injury. His teammates are questioning if he's really hurt, and the coaches aren't believing him.

Finally, Rashad Evans makes the fight announcement. Wes Sims from Team Rampage will face Justin Wren from Team Rashad. Hurrah! Wes Sims has not been shown enough throughout this season, and his brand of crazy deserves airtime. He doesn't get it right away, though, because Marcus Jones is pissed off. He thought Rashad was going to pick him to fight, and he was "pissed off" that he's still not given a fight.

Kimbo Slice line of the night: "I hear that Justin Wren is some Greco-Roman wrestler ... whatever the [expletive] that is ..." The sound you hear? That's Dan Henderson crying.

Well done, Spike producers. You worked Kimbo into this episode. He again talks about how he's going to fight again, so much so that Sims asks, "You're not going to push me down the stairs, are you?"

Ahh! There's crazy Wes! First, he says that he trains in an elite group. Next, he lifts up his shirt and says he's going to win because, "MY GOD, LOOK AT THIS BODY!" Well, alright then. He later says that Kimbo is trying to teach Jensen street smarts, specifically teaching Jensen how to shank someone. It will be useful should Jensen ever get thrown in jail.

Wes Sims (Team Rampage) vs. Justin Wren (Team Rashad)

Round 1: Wren immediately tries for a takdown, but Sims does a decent job staying in the clinch and not allowing a takedown. After they break apart, Wren tries again, takes Sims down and gets him in an arm triangle. Rampage continues his streak of great coaching by yelling, "Get out, Wes!" Unfortunately for him, Wes does not get out. He also does not tap out. He passes out, and Wren wins.

Again, Rampage does not go into the cage to take care of his guy. He asks, "Am I cursed?" No, maybe your fighters are poorly coached? Wes Shivers tries to defend Rampage by saying that Rampage isn't a coach, but you don't have to be John Wooden -- Happy Birthday! -- to know that you console your guys after a loss.

Evans tells Rampage that he needs to do a better job coaching, and it breaks down into their typical jawing match. Will these two ever get along?

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