UFC's Donald Cerrone denies racism, sexism accusations

Elias Cepeda
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Donald Cerrone dismissed allegations that he is a racist and sexist bully. (MMA Weekly)

UFC lightweight Bobby Green recently recounted a series of incidents he says happened at a UFC Fan Expo where fellow lightweight Donald Cerrone harassed female fans and said racist remarks. In a new interview with Sherdog, Cerrone dismissed the stories and the characterizations of him as a sexist, racist bully.

"That was two years ago, ya' know? Why didn't any of this come out?" Cerrone said of the alleged incidents.

"Why didn't a fan file a lawsuit or say, 'Yo, Cowboy is groping my wife,' c'mon. Or racist comments...I have three black guys that live with me. So if I was racist, I couldn't even let something like that.

"it's just funny to me. Talk all you want. If the fans want to believe him, go ahead. If you take Bobby Green's word, a guy who just wants to say dumb comments...I got nothing to say to the guy other than one day I'll see you Bobby Green."

So, the strange tale continues, but at least Cerrone has gotten himself on the record and been able to - sort of - deny Green's charges. One can only imagine what would prompt Green to make the charges he did against Cerrone, if they are not true.

One thing is clear, however - Cerrone and Green definitely need to fight one another at some point. Also, we can be sure the fight will be a good one, both because of their skills and the animosity between the pair.

Who would you pick in that matchup? Let us know in the comments section.

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