UFC president was ready to brawl with former Jackson manager

Many of the details of Quinton Jackson's "episode" last year are still under wraps. The former light heavyweight champ was arrested and eventually convicted of a felony after a July driving rampage in Southern California. Jackson refuses to get into the whole deal and the causes. He snapped at a USA Today reporter last week on the UFC 96 teleconference for asking about his legal issues. He did tell Cage Writer on Wednesday that the negative influences in his life were gone but would not elaborate beyond that. UFC president Dana White isn't quite as guarded saying that Jackson's manager/trainer Juanito Ibarra was the issue and he could see it coming from a mile away:

"You know when you're around bad guys. You don't have to be a (expletive) rocket scientist," White said as he spoke about the day he had to fly to Southern California to get Jackson out of jail. "I knew (Ibarra) was the problem. I actually got into a huge fight with him in the parking lot of the police department."

Watch White speak about Jackson's ordeal and current situation:

White said the argument with the manager never got physical. He indicated that he's happy Jackson is in fight training camp the majority of the time now. It sounds like the UFC will make an effort to keep Jackson's schedule loaded with fights to avoid much down time.