UFC on Fox postfight: Bonuses, Velasquez makes no excuses and Guida says he’ll be back

Steve Cofield

It was shocking for many to see Cain Velasquez go down so quickly. Many folks around the game were expecting a long title reign.

It had to be injury that led to the quick loss, right? Velasquez wouldn't go down that path.

"Just little nagging injuries here and there. I couldn't say it was anything worse than anything else I've had," Velasquez said in responding to rumors that he entered the fight with an injured knee.

Velasquez blamed the loss on poor execution, not his knee.

"It was my fault. The game plan was to pressure. I didn't pressure enough and I sat back for too long. I waited. I played dos Santos' game and he got me with a good overhand right. It was my fault," said Velasquez

- Velasquez wasn't the only one fighting at less than 100 percent. JDS admitted that he had torn the meniscus in his knee just 11 days before the fight.

- The dos Santos KO got him the Knockout of the Night bonus good for $65,000. Rick Lamas picked up Submission of the Night while Clay Guida and Benson Henderson got Fight of the Night. JDS has three KO of Night awards in his eight UFC fights. For Guida, it was the seventh postfight award in 12 UFC fights.

- Dana White questioned Velasquez's strategy during his appearance on the Fox postfight show and explained his remarks at the presser.{ysp:more}

"I said I don't understand why Cain wouldn't have shot, gone in for the shot ... work, pressure him and put him up against the fence, not stay in his range and bang with Junior. But what the hell am I? I'm not anybody's coach or trainer. It was just my question about the fight."

- Guida was upbeat and professional as always in spite of the disappointing result.

"I think everyone wanted two more rounds in this fight," Guida smiled. "He earned it. He's going to go fight Frankie and I'm going to comeback. That was a mere speed bump.  It's not a roadblock, so you guys are going to be seeing me real soon. Don't forget about the hair."

There's hope for Guida. This was a tight fight just like Henderson's narrow loss last December to Anthony Pettis. Things change quickly in the highly competitive 155-pound division.