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UFC champ Jose Aldo: 'I see no problem with TRT'

Jose Aldo, right, of Brazil and Ricardo Lamas of Chicago, IL fight in the second round of the Ultimate Fighting Featherweight Championship Mix Martial Arts bout in Newark, N.J. on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. Aldo won by unanimous decision in five rounds

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Jose Aldo [R] doesn't care what drugs his opponents are on. (AP Photo/Tim Larsen)

Critics of performance-enhancing drugs and treatments like testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) have come out of the woodwork recently. One notable fighter who simply doesn't care what other competitors use, one way or another, is UFC featherweight champion Jose Also.

Despite a teasing and tongue-in-cheek- accusatory back and forth with his next opponent, Chad Mendes, Aldo insists that he has no problem with fighters using testosterone. In fact, despite TRT recently being effectively banned in MMA, "Scarface" recently called fighters who worry about opponents using TRT a not-very-nice synonym for the word, "coward." 

We won't print that insult (below), but the phrase shares some letters with the word, "pussycat." "I see no problem [with TRT usage]. A lot of people use something and hide, then they criticize people who admittedly use," Aldo began.

"I think these are a bunch of [expletive] trying to find an excuse, fearing to lose fights against who's doing a good job. At one point you have an age that makes it necessary and I see no problem with TRT. I would fight [a fighter] who is doing TRT, who isn't, or who is using other drugs. It doesn't matter to me anyway. The same punch I'll throw in one of these guys, I'll throw in another of them. If it's allowed or not, I don't care because I'll still train and fight as I'm doing right now."

If you were a fighter, would you have the confidence to fight clean against others who were using? Let us know in the comments section!

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