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UFC 129 asks who is better, Canada or U.S.?


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UFC 129 is more than a record-breaking MMA event that will pack 55,000 into the Rogers Centre in Toronto to see two championship belts decided. It's also a face-off between American and Canadian fighters to decide which country is better. Cagewriter breaks it down for you. Which North American country does it better?

GSP vs. Shields: Everything is going for GSP. He's fighting in front of a home crowd, he's at the height of his hype and he's considered invincible, which is exactly why I don't think he'll win. If Shields gets it to the ground, GSP is in trouble. Advantage: Shields and the U.S.

Signature food -- poutine vs. pizza: Poutine, french fries top with cheese curds and brown gravy, sounds amazing. However, pizza -- a food with an ancestor in Italy but that is singularly American -- is much better. It is customizable, yummy when hot and cold, can be made to look like Yoda and everyone loves it. Advantage: U.S. {YSP:MORE}

Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson: BenHen needs to erase the memory of being on the wrong end of the Anthony Pettis highlight reel. That incentive is enough to get the former WEC champ the win. Advantage: Henderson and the U.S.

National anthems -- "O Canada" vs. "The Star-Spangled Banner": The U.S. national anthem, when sung well, can tear the house down, but it's not easy for an average person to sing.  That's not true of "O Canada." During the Vancouver Olympics, Canadians showed how easy it was to sing their anthem. Advantage: Canada

National animal: For America, it's the bald eagle, a strong, proud bird that can pick off prey from a mile away. Canada's, which can seen on the header of the new Yahoo! Sports Blog, The Eh Game, is the beaver. Advantage: the U.S.

Nate Diaz vs. Rory McDonald: Does Canada have a Stockton equivalent? Nah The baddest fighters come from Cali, not Quebec. Advantage: U.S.

Other sports: Well, Canada did just win a figure skating world championship and the Canucks knocked my Blackhawks out of the playoffs, and they won the gold medal in both men's and women's hockey at the Vancouver Olympics. Canadians also excel at curling. Outside of that, America rules. Football, baseball, basketball -- I'll take Derrick Rose over Steve Nash -- we're better. We'll give you hockey, Canada. We'll take the rest. Advantage: U.S.

Other fights: On the other UFC 129 Canada vs. U.S. fights, my picks are Makdessi, Patrick, Jabouin for Canada and Ellenberger, Valencia, Jensen for the U.S.

The final tally: America wins, 8-4.

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