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Steve Cofield

UFC 100: Mir goes from 0-9 scrub to edge of greatness

Not every star in mixed martial arts was a stud athlete from the get-go. You think Frank Mir has a tough mental test now at 30 years old? Imagine being a 16-year-old and coming out of the gates 0-9 as a high school wrestler. Mir did exactly that but according to his Las Vegas high school coach Russ Leet, he never gave up:

"He never got down on himself. He was such a good competitor and so confident in himself. You could see him improving, and once he got nine or 10 matches in, he figured out how to win."

Mir went from a winless scrub to start his junior year, to a Nevada heavyweight state champ in his senior year posting a 44-1 record for Bonanza High School. He also played fullback and defensive end on the football. With all the talk about about Brock Lesnar's athletic ability being off the charts, Mir gets a bit lost in the shuffle. Had he not stuck with the martial arts route, Mir probably would've been a solid college defensive lineman who could've easily carried 270-290 pounds on the football field.

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