Two Create-a-Captions for the price of one!

Two amazing, needed-to-be-captioned photos came across my desk at Cagewriter headquarters, and I had to share both of them with you fine readers. The solution? Double Create-a-Caption! Can you handle it?

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Dana White, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar went to the UFC magazine party in New York City. It must have been a great time for everyone but Brock. That's the look of a man who wants to get the heck out of the big city and head to a hunting cabin.

At the same party, White ran into Strikeforce fighter/perpetual malcontent Nick Diaz and two things happened that blew my mind. A) Dana White didn't use this as a chance to rip "Strikefarce" and B) Diaz smiled.

To see more pictures from this party, check out Combat Lifestyle's gallery, and to join in on the double C-a-C, enter your caption in the comments. The winners from our last C-a-C are below.

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First place: In an ironic twist, a beautiful woman is being charged with assaulting a male athlete and not the other way around. -- AdamG

Second place: Still a more qualified opponent than Wes Sims. -- Alex

Third place: After hearing of Strikeforce's Heavyweight Champion Alistar Overeem's impressive victory by way of leg kick over a little girl, prospect Bobby Lashely attempts the same, with different results. -- eyeheartmma