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Who can Tito fight to close out his career? Griffin facing the end too says he’d take the fight

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Even when Tito Ortiz went winless during five fights over four years between 2006-2010, he could still trumpet the fact that he wasn't taking major abuse. He can't do so after his last two losses where he took a ton of damage especially to the body against Rashad Evans and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. That has Dana White torn on whether to let Ortiz have one final fight with the UFC.

If White feels he's not putting the 36-year-old in harm's way then the task becomes booking an opponent that can be sold as a legitimate fight.

Before UFC 140, Ortiz reiterated his desire for a third shot at Forrest Griffin. Griffin appeared on Sunday on the Las Vegas-based radio show "The MMA Fight Corner" to respond to Tito's challenge.

"If people will pay to see that fight then I'll get paid to fight that fight," Griffin said on FoxSportsRadio920. "But do people want to see it?"

Griffin, who's only 32 years old, surprised listeners by admitting that his career could be coming to an end shortly.

"For me, now I'm realizing that I don't have much left. This is the end of the road me. I want a couple more fight fights. Good ones. Fights where I don't get knocked out in the first round," laughed Griffin. "Fights where I like get hurt, bleed a little, but I kind of like rally. Something of that nature."

Griffin has been rocked and finished in three of his last five fights. He's also battled injuries. Those five fights took place over the course of 36 months.

Tito's lack of massive power and the fact that the two already hooked up for two pretty entertaining three-round fights sounds like the perfect match for Griffin, who continued to joke about his recent struggles against heavy hitters.

"I'm cool with wrestling now. I don't mind the wrestling so much. It's the getting hit hard that I don't seem to like anymore. I don't mind it but my nervous system seems to be really in disagreement with it these days," said Griffin.

Griffin was mainly non-chalant when asked about who else he'd like to fight. The most important thing for the former UFC light heavyweight champ is to fight in the U.S. Griffin cuts a ton of weight and doesn't like being out of his comfort zone in the States the week before the fight.

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