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If Super Bowl XLVIII moves to Saturday, UFC 169 to move to Sunday


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Urijah Faber & other UFC 169 fighters may have to change their plans if Superbowl date changes (Getty)

The UFC likes to piggy-back the Super Bowl each year by big holding a pay-per-view event the night before "Super Sunday." That's the plan this year as well, with UFC 169, an excellent card with two title fights.

However, late last week UFC president Dana White had to begin thinking about an unexpected possible scheduling conflict. This year's Super Bowl XLVIII, between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, will take place outdoors in New Jersey and weather conditions are expected to be particularly brutal on Sunday.

Because of that, it's possible that the big game will be moved up to Saturday night.

"I didn't know, I don't keep on that stuff, but I was getting some tweets from people saying, 'What are you going to do if the game gets moved to Saturday?'," White wondered out loud to media last week in Chicago.

"Wow, wouldn't that be a [expletive]? Yeah that would hurt."

No other sporting event could successfully compete head-to-head with the Super Bowl. The UFC has evidently decided to stay on high-alert and move their own UFC 169 card if the Super Bowl is indeed re-scheduled to Saturday night.

"If, and only if, they move the Super Bowl to Saturday, we will move UFC 169 to Sunday," said the UFC's director of public relations Dave Sholler said Saturday night at the UFC on FOX 10's post event press conference.

We'll keep you posted with developments on this story as they emerge.

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