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'Senator' Mir? Former UFC champ considers run for office

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Frank Mir certainly has the chops to be a politician. As far as being able to lie to people's faces without expressing an ounce of shame, who knows? Mir lived out a dream two weeks ago when he attended a Las Vegas speech by President Obama and spent some time with Nevada's Secretary of State Ross Miller and Sen. Harry Reid. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Mir has some interest in a political career following his time in the cage.

"Politics affects everybody's daily life," the 31-year-old said. "I never want to be one of those guys that bellyaches in a bar about the president or Congress and at the end of the day you never vote or talk about what's going on or do anything as far as having any kind of influence."

Rather than potentially waste his time getting involved in a world where self-preservation is often more important than actually producing results that really impact your constituents, Mir may be better suited for an athletic commission slot.

The time has arrived for MMA to have more ex-fighters on commissions around the country. Viewing several of the Nevada State Athletic Commission hearings it seems like too much time during the sessions is wasted just clueing in the commissioners on basics of the fight game. Doesn't it make sense that at least one former high-level fighter should hold a slot on each commission around the country?

One interesting fight note from the story mentions that Mir was very serious about a potential drop to light heavyweight. At 6-foot-3, Mir came into his last three bouts right at the heavyweight limit of 265 pounds. An easy victory over Cheick Kongo was sandwiched by bad losses, where he got overpowered by both Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar. Hard to believe but Mir actually stripped himself down to 228 pounds in the last few months. Realizing that the next 23 pounds were going to be too taxing, Mir decided to stay at heavyweight and is back at 250.

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