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New Seagal action figure flying off the shelves

Leave it the Internet to come up with another brilliant MMA action figure. With Steven Seagal being in the news so much lately, someone came up with the Seagal action figure.

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You have to love the haberdashery items. The Seagal doll comes with all the "hats" in his life - the beanie, the emergency hair triangles, and in his constant effort to keep that buff body, a chef's hat.

Of all the accessories, we particularly love the "Judo" Gene Lebell restraining order. We always love reminding people of the rumored showdown between Seagal, in his action-movie prime, and a then 59-year-old Judo Gene.

Lebell, a legend of hardcore fighting in the old days, was on the set of "Out for Justice" serving as a stuntman when Seagal, 39, decided to talk a little trash. He claimed Lebell couldn't choke him out. He was wrong.

Lebell did it twice and, on the second occasion, Seagal allegedly had an accident in his drawers.'s Jon Wertheim told the story to Deadspin (1:58 mark - NSFW).

Check out the entire line of "Masato Toys" action figure photoshops. We're big fans of the Cecil Peoples' doll.

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