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'Rampage' second guesses himself on making 'A-Team' movie

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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson isn't distraught about losing to Rashad Evans. He's got eight losses in his career, but he sounded torn up by the fact that he may not have been at his best for this highly anticipated brawl after nearly a year of trash talk.

Jackson last fought in March of 2009 and was scheduled to face Evans last December but bailed on the fight to play the role of B.A. Baracus in the new A-Team movie. At UFC 114, Jackson looked sluggish at times, tired late and complained of ring rust. At his post-fight press conference, he put much of the blame on his decision to become a Hollywood star.

"I never had any pressure like this in my whole fighting career. Me having this damn movie," Jackson said of the film that opens on June 11. "I kind of almost regret doing the damn movie and stuff now."

Jackson also mentioned something else that may have added extra pressure to win the fight.

"Fox [studios] kind of threatened to sue me if I lost cause they didn't know I was fighting," said Jackson. "There was a whole bunch of pressure."

That makes some sense if the makers of the film felt like a Jackson loss would take away from the movie promotion. Now Jackson must immediately switch back to his movie gig and promote the film.

"I'm just so happy for (the fight) to be over with," said Jackson. "I gotta leave tonight to go on tour for this damn movie. I regret I even did the movie. Almost."

After a few days to reflect on the last 6-7 months, Jackson may change his tune, but the loss definitely raised some concerns moving forward.

"I'm a fighter," said Jackson. "I tried to go into a whole new adventure. I didn't even know about a tour and stuff with movies. I had no idea I had to do this stuff. It was very stressful. I'm just so happy this part is over and when I finish the tour with this movie, I'll be happy with that. I can go home and hang out with my kids and relax at the house."

Jackson, 32 next month, said he has more movie offers on the table.

"I don't know, I gotta make decisions," said Jackson. "'Cause it looks like it'd be hard to do both if you're taking time off and fighting guys like the caliber of guys here in the UFC. People were saying you need a warmup fight before you fight Rashad. There are no warmup fights in the UFC. I gotta think about which one I want to do."

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