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Maggie Hendricks

In praise of the little guys


The WEC event and semifinal matches of The Ultimate Fighter on Wednesday reaffirmed one of my strongest beliefs about fighting: the little guys take the cake. More often than not, you can count on bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight fights to be more exciting that the fights at the heavier end of the spectrum.

Miguel Torres threw some of the most interesting strikes I have ever seen in his fight against Manny Tapia. Though it was not landed, the front roll axe kick was awe-inspiring, and the perfectly employed spinning backfist will on the WEC highlight reel for all time.

Before he lost the title last month, Urijah Faber took part in one of my all-time favorite "little guy" fights. His tilt with Jens Pulver was the picture of why smaller is better. Faber showed smaller fighters can still have insane power in their punches yet still have the endurance to last an entire fight.

One of the strengths of the WEC is that they are unapologetically a promotion that favors the smaller guys. Shedding the middleweights and light heavyweights proved that. They don't have the same name recognition or cache as the UFC, but with Torres and Faber's popularity growing, that will hopefully change. I would much rather see an action packed fight between two bantamweights than watch two light heavyweights run from eachother, no matter what promotion is putting on the fight.

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