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Penn, Spike and the UFC are really pushing this 'Reality' stuff

Steve Cofield

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We're stupid but not that stupid, right? UFC's reality show "Primetime", an inside look at the preparation for UFC 94's main event, has done a great job of setting up high drama. In Episode One, B.J. Penn was portrayed as the lazy guy who isn't training and took a vacation just weeks before the fight. UFC president Dana White is seen at the end of the episode desperately trying to reach Mr. Lazy and then Penn's brother, J.D. is clearly lying, as he covers for B.J. The blogosphere went nuts and the betting line on Georges St. Pierre climbed 10-cents.

This week's episode featured Penn (pictured) saying that he's not happy about the way he's being portrayed and then lots more trash talk eminating from the Penn camp and GSP's crew firing back.

Penn is also seen throughout Episode Two jogging at the pace of an old woman. He's still not training hard, right? Then just before the episode is set to air our friends at MMAJunkie run with the bombshell that Penn is pulling out of the production. He's sick and tired of the way he's being treated.

Sorry we're not buying it. No one is calling out MMAJunkie. The source saying that Penn is flipping out may be reliable. That source may have also just gotten off the phone with folks from Spike and the UFC. Think Junie Browning. Think Frank Mir. Think Krzysztof Soszynski.

We just watched The Ultimate Fighter 8 take us on a ride where it appears that much of the Browning nonsense was orchestrated by the fighter and Spike's production team. Browning admitted on several occasions that he wanted to make a mark because he was on reality television. Mir protested about Junie's behavior and the fact he remained on the show but said he was told by Spike's producers to shutup, it's reality television. Browning's teammate Soszynski told the Canadian Press that Junie told him that he was faking most of his explosions.

Now we're supposed to believe Penn is going to shutdown a multi-million dollar production a week before the biggest fight of his life? If that were the case wouldn't a show that is edited and produced until the wee hours of Wednesday morning (the day it airs) include the footage of Penn going off the deep end? Oh right, we need to wait until next week to see if Penn shows up. Reality television is far from reality. It's fun and it adds to the drama if you believe everything you see, but it's not always 100% real.

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