Pat Curran needed finish badly heading into 5th round

Elias Cepeda
Pat Curran needed finish badly heading into 5th round

How clutch was Pat Curran's last-second submission over Daniel Straus Friday night in their Bellator featherweight title bout? Quite, according to the judges' scorecards heading into the fifth and final round.

Bellator PR man Anthony Mazzuca tweeted a photo of the three judges' scorecards last night. One judge had the fight even going into the fifth, another had it three rounds to one for Curran and another three rounds to one for Straus.

Given that Straus was doing well in the fifth round up until the last minute and a half of the stanza, it is entirely possible that if Curran hadn't managed to pull off that rear naked choke, he would have lost to Straus again. Siz months ago, Curran was controlled by Straus and lost his featherweight title via decision.

The two had previously fought in 2009, with Curran taking that win. Now, Curran has the Bellator title back and a 2-1 edge over his rival.

The judges' scoring was all over the place last night. How did you score the fight leading in to the final round?

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