Ohio and New Jersey revoke Strikeforce fighter’s license for falsifying application

Maggie Hendricks
March 6, 2012

Brandon Saling, the registered sexual offender fighter with a neo-Nazi tattoo who lost to Roger Bowling at Strikeforce on Saturday, had his license revoked in Ohio and New Jersey. According to the Ohio Athletic Commission, he falsified his application, answering "no" when asked if he had a criminal background.

Though having a background as a sex offender and championing the ideology of Adolf Hitler is reprehensible, it's not enough to necessarily keep someone from fighting. Lying, on the other hand, will get you bounced. Bernie Profato, the head of the OAC, talked to MMA Junkie about the matter:

"There's a dual thing there," Profato said. "He'll have to answer to the falsification, and two, if you read the law, it says they don't have to license you for a felony. Now, it will be whether they ever license him again because of being listed as a sexual predator."

Saling has two separate convictions: one of gross sexual imposition in 2004 and a domestic violence charge in 2008. He started fighting in 2008 and has a pro record of 8-6. He can appeal the OAC's decision at a hearing on April 11. UFC president Dana White commented that Saling might want to find another line of work.