Now Arlovski's the best boxer in MMA?

Steve Cofield
January 7, 2009

Wow, this Freddie Roach-Andrei Arlovski thing is getting a bit out of control. We pointed out a few days ago that Arlovski might be falling in love a little too much with the stand-up game. If his takedown and more importantly submission defense has any holes, Fedor Emelianenko will walk right through the gaps to a victory at their Jan. 24 fight.

You can't punch from your back. Now we're only being fed isolated footage from Arlovski's training but Roach, his managers and some media members are really raving about Arlovski's boxing. One media member featured in the latest edition of Arlovski 360 says that he's the best boxer in mixed martial arts.

Roach would tell you himself that Arlovski isn't even the best MMA fighter that he's worked with as far as hands go. I'll take B.J. Penn, Quinton Jackson and Rashad Evans over Arlovski.

Part of being a great boxer is also avoiding punches and the strength of your chin. Let's not forget that Arlovski lost quickly by knockout in fight No. 2 against Tim Sylvia and could never catch the big man in their third fight. Fedor had no problem catching Sylvia. Roach is talking a good game saying recently that Fedor's striking is sloppy.