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Site news: Cage Writer it is!

Steve Cofield

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After months of brainstorming, the brilliant minds at the Yahoo! MMA Experts Blog have officially joined the blogosphere with a real name. As such, this site will now and forever be known as Cagewriter and be found at

It beat out such great names as The Count of Monte Fisto (stolen from Apollo Creed of "Rocky" fame), Ruffian in Sweatpants (we write about fighting so we must be tough, and of course as a blogger we must be wearing sweats) and Junk Kicker (for all the low blows we dole out).

We also considered Junk Kisser, since many of our conspiracy theorist readers love how much we nuzzle with UFC president Dana White. If you follow mixed martial arts you have to hate the evil leader White, just like wrestling fans must also believe that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin really hates Vince McMahon.

Another one was Bottom-Tier Brawler as we're bottom-tier journalists who like to mix it up in the fight world, obviously, but Cage Writer it is, with a new look to come. So have at it, rip away and thanks for reading.

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