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Steve Cofield

N.Y. Post video report: 'How can you regulate it so that there isn't serious injuries?'

Steve Cofield

The UFC's big press conference at Madison Square Garden unveiled a nice show of support. Scott O'Neil, President of Madison Square Garden Sports, is squarely behind the effort as was N.Y. assemblyman Dean Murray. There was little opposition in the room. As a result, no debate ensued.

There was one interesting moment when Megan Paznik asked this:

"If you're adding kicking and punching to mixed martial arts, how can you regulate it so that there isn't serious injuries?"

Dana White was so thrown off he had a tough time answering the question. He turned to referencing the fact that there hasn't been a death in the history of the UFC. The easiest approach would've been to mention that boxing, football and hockey are all contact sports to a certain degree and there really is no way to guarantee a sport is free of injuries. It's also worth noting that elements of MMA like Judo, karate, boxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling are all legal in New York. Why would a combination of those disciplines be illegal?

Paznik went on to voice this video. Yes, there is a dogfighting comparison and the producer of the video made sure to include plenty of violent looking images.

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