'The Mouth of the North' readies for his next test

Joe Lauzon exploded onto the MMA scene back in 2006 with one of the biggest upsets in UFC history. He scored a quick knockout of Jens Pulver at UFC 63 as a 9-to-1 dog. Then something weird happened. He was expected to be the star of the show on The Ultimate Fighter 5 but never got it going in the cage and was barely featured as a character on the show. The fact that his personality wasn't showcased is kind of shocking when you hear him speak now. The Brockton, Mass. native is one of the better interviews out there and because of his honesty, he always seems to have a mild beef with someone in the MMA world.

Lauzon, 24, makes his return to the cage tonight against Kyle Bradley during Ultimate Fight Night 15 on SpikeTV.

J-Lau spoke with MMARated.com and broke down Bradley's game. He was also brutally honest about his own game saying that he's not ready for a title shot against UFC lightweight champ B.J. Penn.


Make sure you listen to Lauzon discuss his war with Kenny Florian's brother Keith. And he trashes the guys from Tapout for making his gym look awful during an episode of the Versus' reality show that featured his brother Dan Lauzon. Helwani also asks if Joe was afraid to criticize Tapout, a powerful partner with the UFC. This kid is ready to give the original 'Mouth', Jimmy 'The Mouth of the South' Hart a run for his money.