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MMA Marketplace: Stop! Gracie time

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With UFC 100, this week has been all about looking back. Best fight, best memories, best feuds; we've been going through the history books and remembering it all. One of the most important people in building the UFC since its dawn in the early 90s was Royce Gracie. He showed the world that size doesn't matter from the very first UFC. With enough cash, you can own a piece of that vaunted pioneer.

If you want to watch the best of Royce, you can buy "UFC Classics 1," or a complete set of Brazilian jiu-jitsu how-to DVDs. You can also read Royce's tips to a healther life in "Superfit: Royce Gracie's Ultimate Martial Arts Fitness and Nutrition Guide."

You can also show Gracie pride right on your heart with a Gracie Fight Club t-shirt that comes in green or black. You can also adorn your walls with a Gracie painting, a Gracie training card or a white belt signed by Royce Gracie.

But the coup de grace in Gracie gear is, what else, the Royce Gracie doll action figure. Have one of the toughest men on the planet in a portable size. Put him on your television to remind you how weak and lazy you are, perch him on your treadmill to motivate you during your workout, or use him for self defense. He will have the Kimo Leopoldo doll cowering in the corner. (Note: Royce doll is only available for pre-order now. It will ship in November.)


Some more ways for you to spend your ducats: If you're in Las Vegas for UFC 100 this weekend, you don't want to miss the parties. The always fabulous Tracy Lee has a rundown of all the events at Combat Lifestyle ... MMA Warehouse will get you your gear by Friday for 70 percent off for second day air if you order by 1 p.m ET.

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