MMA Marketplace: Hendo vs. Fedor — the shirts!

Time to break down the most important part of this weekend's face-off between Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson: the walkout shirts!

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Both fighters are sponsored by Clinch Gear, the clothing company owned by Dan Henderson. That means Henderson is sponsoring his opponent. Fedor should keep that in mind -- don't let Hendo break his hand. He still needs to sign checks.

Fedor's shirt looks like they took a perfectly nice design with a cool crest and then just spray painted some letters over it. Unless it's an homage to graffiti art, it's a little odd. Buy his shirt for $32.95.

Henderson's shirt plays up the America vs. Russia angle, using stars and stripes to make up Henderson's nickname and adding a "Made in America" tag. I'd much rather wear this shirt on Fourth of July than some of these American flag abominations. Buy it for $32.95.

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