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Steve Cofield

Mir may miss UFC 98 but this convo should get everyone amped

Steve Cofield

The news leaked yesterday that Frank Mir had surgery on Monday and may be out for UFC 98 in May. Mir is going to face Brock Lesnar to unify the UFC heavyweight and interim heavyweight titles. The initial reports said it was back surgery but it was actually a knee scope. Now we need to know what the timetable is for a return and is UFC 98 officially off the table? The UFC said that the May fight is not dead. Mir was grabbed by a member of the Arnold Classic crew in Columbus before UFC 96. The jolly fella barely touched on the knee injury and fight issues but Mir does a helluva job selling this battle against Lesnar:

"(He's a) lucky guy. He only won one fight and got a title shot," said Mir. Lesnar, the UFC heavyweight champ, turned to pro mixed martial arts in 2007 after a career in pro wrestling. "In all sports, there's a learning curve. Nobody's going to increase what I've developed at the level of martial arts I am. Is he going to catch up in a few short years of training?"

Watch Mir take a big dump on Lesnar (0:20 mark):

He sounds pretty confident that he can defeat Lesnar again, as he says "sometime this summer":

""I've done it once already. When he even caught me by surprise and I didn't expect his physical attributes. Now I understand the attributes he has as far as quickness and power and speed. How much quicker and stronger will he be the second time around?"

Mir also suggests that beating Couture, wasn't a big feat, considering the former champ was only 220 pounds. Mir is angry that he didn't get the first shot at Couture.

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