Melvin Guillard violates probation after 'getting his life together'

Maggie Hendricks
September 16, 2008

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Melvin Guillard, he of the brightly-colored hair, temper tantrums and calling out opponents after losing to them, was arrested for violating probation on August 13. He is still in jail in Houston, and was taken off the card for UFC 90 where he was slated to face Spencer Fisher. Though no details of Guillard's parole's violation were available, he will only be released into a drug treatment program.

For those keeping score, Guillard was first found to be using cocaine after his UFC Fight Night 9 drug test in April of 2007. He was then arrested in August of 2007 for cocaine possession. After swearing up and down that his life was back together, Guillard is back in jail, and out of the Octagon. Though his last fight was a knockout of the night at UFC 86, his previous losses and antics ensure that he won't be in the UFC much longer. It's a shame, too, because he is obviously talented but has thrown it away -- again.

Photo via Combat Lifestyle