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Maynard is still cool with not getting the Penn fight

Steve Cofield

Gray Maynard is a pretty grounded and patient dude. That's why it was shocking to see him lose his cool and throw his gameplan out the window at Ultimate Fight Night 20 against Nate Diaz. With an impressive win, Maynard was in line to get the next shot at B.J. Penn's UFC lightweight title. It was pretty clear during the postfight that Maynard and his camp -- Randy Couture and Gil Martinez -- knew he had fallen behind Frank Edgar in the pecking order to land the Penn fight. Maynard was calm that night and again when Cagewriter tracked him down a few weeks later before Strikeforce: Miami.

Maynard said the timing just wasn't right.

"We can't just jump in there [and say] 'it's mine, let's do this.' It would've been tough to jump right into camp again."

His win over Diaz came on Jan. 11, which means he have roughly two weeks before going into another eight week training camp. Keep in mind, Maynard face got peppered pretty good by Diaz. He also said he's got some nagging injuries he'd like to heal up. Maynard said in the end, the decision is made by Couture and Martinez. His job is to say yes sir, no sir.

There's also the issue of taking a fight 6,000 miles from his hometown of Las Vegas. Sounds like a lot of excuses but the bottomline is the time wasn't right for Maynard to take on the fight of his life.

Make sure you watch the end of the interview where Maynard talks about some of the NFL players, Patrick Willis and Calvin Pace, who came into Xtreme Couture just before and during the early part of the NFL season.

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