Will Machida vs. Silva be boring?

Maggie Hendricks

It's easy to dislike Lyoto Machida. His style is frustrating, and during every one of his fights I yell, "Engage, for (unclean language)'s sake!" I assume that I will be yelling that again this Saturday during his fight with Thiago Silva. Fans like fighters who work hard, and put on a good show, so it's easy to dislike Machida's calculating style.

But playing devil's advocate, there is a reason why some other fighters have picked up aspects of Machida's game. Machida wins. In fact, he hasn't lost at all in his career. He does have monster kicks, and he employs them like a surgeon. Not all fighters want to fight to the death; some want to simply win and move their way up the ladder.

His style will be an interesting clash with Silva, a powerful striker who is also undefeated. I'm looking forward to this matchup as Silva will have to keep his wits about him when in the cage with Machida. If he gets frustrated by Machida's style, he will lose. If Silva fights his own style, it will be a good fight to watch. If Machida controls the pace, well, that might be fight where we head to the bathroom.

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