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Machida shreds Silva, earns a title shot

Steve Cofield

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The guy gets ripped all the time for being a boring fighter. Lyoto Machida shut up the critics on this night as he pounded out Thiago Silva in less than a round. Silva, fighting out of a conventional stance, was a sitting duck for Machida, using his unique southpaw karate stance. Machida floored Silva twice in the first. The first time, he used a right-left combo. The second came using a left knee, followed by a left hand. There was nothing tricky abou Machida's finishing move. He and Silva clinched against the cage with 10 seconds left in the first round. Machida executed a trip takedown and vaulted himself down on Silva with a huge right hand bomb. Silva was out cold. Machida followed with a punctuating left to seal the deal as the horn sounded to end the round. Referee Yves Lavigne pulled Machida off and turned away from Silva. He had no idea Silva was out. Silva laid there with his arms out to the side for a few seconds and it finally clicked with Lavigne.

Machida is now 14-0, that includes 6-0 in the UFC. The promotion has done everything it can to keep the guy away from legit title contenders in the division. Now it looks like the UFC could pit him against light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans sometime in May or June.

UPDATE: UFC president Dana White indicated that Machida may not get the first shot at the belt. He said they need to see how things play out and that Machida would get a shot before the end of the year.

This was the first loss for Silva (13-1).

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