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The list of all lists: MMA's top chick magnets

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The blogosphere has turned into a daily bombardment of lists and slideshows. It's one of my least favorite things about the Internet. If you want to debate the greatest this and the all-time that, fire away. I'll pass for 99 percent of the time. The only lists I generally enjoy on the MMA side come from the fellas at Cage Potato. CP came up with another doozy as it went all Dirty.com chronicling the biggest [expletive] hounds in mixed martial arts.

Former UFC fighter Dean Lister is the first fighter listed:

Notable conquests: WWE star Milena Roucka (aka 'Rosa Mendes'), model Flavia Mazoni

Notes: 'The Boogeyman' is semi-retired from the sport these days, choosing instead to spend his time training hopeless cases. But in his prime, Dean Lister was just as notable for his ability to attract exotic beauties as he was for his in-cage exploits. Grappling ability plus a cartoonishly strong-looking jawline is a combination that women can't resist, apparently.

Didn't CP miss a few candidates? It's shocking to see Clay Guida omitted from the list. He got a ton of run around UFC 125 for living in a van down by the river. Brian Stann was asked if he was ever invited to the big RV that serves as Guida's home in Albuquerque. He responded by saying (2:40 mark), "I have not been to the Clay Guida RV. If I was better looking, maybe he'd invite me."

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