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Lesnar is tired of being persecuted over his skin color

Steve Cofield

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Brock Lesnar is an intriguing character. He's a perfect match for the mixed martial arts world where so few fighters have a filter. Lesnar's got a fair amount of attention for his behavior on ESPN's investigative show E60. 'The Next Big Thing' stormed off the set when interviewer Tom Farrey asked a question about steroids.

Lesnar was asked about the explosion by Larry Pepe of ProMMARadio during a recent conversation and thought he was being targeted because of his skin color:

"I've been accused of using steroids my entire life probably since the 10th grade. I've never failed a drug test. Now if was a black guy and looked the way I do would I get asked this question a 100 times?"

Lesnar said it's more commonplace for African-Americans to have the ripped look:

"I'm a white dude who is shredded and you just don't see a whole lot of it. It's funny how you get singled out."

Good thing Lesnar reserved his racial theories for the internet rather than the E60 piece. One can only imagine the attention that comments like these would've gotten uf they were uttered in the mainstream.

Click below to listen to Lesnar's steroid comments (ProMMARadio):

Pepe went in-depth with Lesnar for 30-plus minutes. Listen here to the entire interview.

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