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'The Korean Zombie' talks Garcia, Roop and an improved nose


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Chan-Sung Jung, aka the Korean Zombie, became an MMA sensation after his bout with Leonard Garcia. Though he lost the split decision, he still became popular among fans. UFC president Dana White wore a Korean Zombie shirt to the UFC 113 weigh-ins, and that item became one of the best-selling shirts ever at MMA Warehouse.

Jung, who will fight George Roop at WEC 51 on Thursday night, is still a bit shocked by his popularity.

"Especially since I've only fought one fight here, and it was a loss. I've really been surprised by the reaction of the fans. It's been great so far. I'd like to win over as many fans as possible," Jung told Cagewriter via his manager, Brian Rhee.

Jung was in the hospital after surgery to correct a deviated septum when he heard about White wearing his shirt. The operation was successful, and now Jung can breathe better out of both sides of his nose.

Think about that. Jung engaged in that epic, three-round brawl with Garcia with only one working nostril.

Now, his focus is on Roop.

"The things that stands out most to me is that he's tall. Especially for our division. He's the tallest in the division. As far as his skill set, he's a very well-rounded fighter, especially on the ground, as far as his grappling, his wrestling, but doesn't seem to really excel in one particular area," Jung said about Roop. "There's not some part of his game that I'm threatened by, but he doesn't have any glaring weaknesses, either."

Jung arrived in Colorado weeks ago to get ready to fight in the altitude, and get adjusted to being in the United States. After fighting most of his career in Japan, Jung is still working through the differences.

"There's some things that are difficult. The biggest one is probably the time difference. It always take at least a few days to get adjusted. Little things, the food and the culture that are not terribly difficult, but just not the comfortable environment that I'm used to dealing with. Not necessarily a bad thing, but just different," he said.

"One of the biggest benefits for me is that I'm able to fight my style, which for fans is more of an exciting style, a fun style to watch, and to have it appreciated by the fans. To see the fans have accepted me in the United States, in particular, the way that I fight, is gratifying."

Rematch is possible, but not first priority

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The battle with Garcia did win Jung many fans, but that doesn't mean he was happy with the result.

"I'd like to fight him again. I'd like to fight again and get the right call made by the judges. When the fight was over, I didn't even have a percentage of a doubt that I'd won the fight. I realize that there's a home-fighter advantage. I accept the judges' decision, but I do think I won the fight."

A rematch with Garcia isn't his first priority, but it's still on his mind.

"It's not pressing for the WEC, and it's not pressing for us, either. Just because, our goal is to move towards getting a championship fight. We don't necessarily feel like fighting Leonard would do that. At some point we'd like to fight him again."

No matter who he fights, the Korean Zombie believes that he can win.

"The biggest thing is that I'm very confident in myself, and very confident in my abilities. As far as when I'm out there, fighting, whether it's in striking or on the ground, I feel like I can always take my opponent. No matter who I am in the cage with, I know I can come out favorably."

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