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Kim Couture interview: Divorce means it's time to move on

Kim Couture wants to get back to concentrating on her fight career and business ventures without the drama of recent months. Her husband Randy served her divorce papers in late April. After that, Kim trained and worked at the Couture gym in Las Vegas while Randy was away shooting a Sylvester Stallone movie in New Orleans and Brazil. When Randy came back things got a little dicey:

"I think we tried to get through everything amicably as friends. I still wanted him to coach me," told The Cofield and Cokin Show on ESPNRadio1100. "There's a time when it starts getting to the nitty gritty, the business part of things, it does make everybody uncomfortable. People shouldn't feel like they need to pick sides."

Kim moved to a new gym, the TapouT Training Center and took a little time off to vacation in Hawaii with Gina Carano and hang out with friends in the Denver area.

She's back in Vegas and spoke with Cagewriter just before UFC 100 about the last few months and her future:

Kim said there were other circumstances that officially snapped things off (2:23 mark):

"Everybody's got a breaking point. I guess there's a lot of information that came out the last week that got me to my breaking point. I'm the same way, when I'm done, I'm done. I don't want to look at you, don't want to talk to you, don't want to be around you."

She confirmed the rumors that the couple was trying to work things out even after the papers were served (3:16 mark):

"I tried for a long time because I didn't understand where it was coming from [but with] the information I've gathered in the last week now it's clear to me. I've got closure and I wish him the best. Hopefully we came out of this better. We created a lot of great things."

Why is this a story? Randy has just begun his training camp for UFC 102. His fight against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is vital to his chances at getting another title shot or megafight. Hopefully, his mind isn't clouded as late August approaches.

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