Jose Aldo believes Anthony Pettis all talk

Elias Cepeda
Jose Aldo believes Anthony Pettis all talk

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and new lightweight title holder Anthony Pettis were set to fight one another last summer. Then, Pettis pulled out with a knee injury, only to fight soon after against Benson Henderson and earn the UFC 155 pound belt.

Since at least that time, Aldo and Pettis and exchanged verbal barbs. Pettis is currently injured again, but set to face Gilbert Melendez after the two coach opposite one another on The Ultimate Fighter.

Aldo does not yet know who he will face next and, even though it will almost certainly not be Pettis, "Scarface" had some choice words for "Showtime" when asked about his rival by MMA Junkie.

“Anthony Pettis talks a lot, Aldo said.

"Anthony Pettis talks a lot to people, but when it comes time to actually make the fight happen, he runs,” Aldo said.

“He goes to the media and says that he’ll fight me in any division, but then he knows that [UFC President] Dana [White] is not going to have him move down a weight because they want me to give up my belt. Also, I think he’s going to lose to Melendez, so then he’s going to have to move back a little bit, and our time to fight will have gone by.”

So, Aldo does not seem to think that he and Pettis will end up fighting. As for who he will end up taking on, he believes that it will end up being a rematch with Chad Mendes, whom he beat by first round TKO in 2012.

“It was between Cub [Swanson, who Aldo also beat previously, in 2009] and Chad, and I already knew that, but they scheduled the fight for Cub [Swanson is set to fight Jeremy Stephens June 28]. But for me, it doesn’t matter. I fought Chad before, and he’s as good of a competitor as any. I’ve also fought Cub, so for me it’s the same. Both of them earned it. Chad made it back to the top, so he deserves it.”

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